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Hair parted in the middle,
The pigtails fell lose
Some time ago.
Canít say Iím sorry
To have traded the jumper
For a pair of fading jeans.

Some things I miss, though:
My motherís careful hands
working through the tangled
mess of curls,
clothes neatly pressed and starched
skillful fingers making perfect bows
of the ked laces.
Some mornings the only thing that keeps me going
is that one instruction:
ďMake a loop, over and through.Ē

The hair Iíve left to its own devices,
clothes havenít seen an iron in years.
I donít always sit with my legs together
or keep my elbows off the table
but one thing I got right:
Lose ends always need tying.
Eh... So, I wrote something. I've been toying a lot lately, but this is the only thing I'm comfortable enough with to post... The end needs... Something. Anyway, advice is appreciated.
FeuerSchwan Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2005
Sweet, I think it is very nice.
Goes to show we can remember how to at least just one thing right when we are no longer children, there is always at least one thing.
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February 28, 2005
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