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Submitted on
September 16, 2005
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Got it cheap at a thrift store,
left by some anonymous patron:
maybe an old woman,
cleaning out a closet,
significance lost to time and a
fine coat of dust?
Or did she suffer the loss when
she passed it, still on a hanger,
to the man at the counter?
Did she falter when he offered
only a smile and a "we'll be happy
to take it off your hands" as condolence,
like he'd be doing a great service,
bargaining off her past.
Then "keep only what you use"
the mantra of some clutter-busting
self-help book drowns out
the fifty-year-old strains of "Sleepwalk"
from a high school prom
and her hand slips from the fabric,
saying "You can have it,
God knows I'll never need it again."
I don't even frequent thrift stores... This one literally came out of nowhere.
MedievalKnight Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2008
I love the story this tells. Very emotive and very true to life.
11th-hour Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2006
i enjoyed this one. Had some cool imagery and i liked the way it was a story.

Good job.
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